In addition to our own products, such as THE DUKE Gin, LION’s Vodka or our caraway distillates and liquors, we also produce products for external companies in our distillery. Our trained distillers produce a wide variety of spirits in different sizes in the two handmade, copper stills from the company Carl. We are pleased to be able to pass on our many years of experience in the production of distillates to companies that do not have their own production. We are always happy to use our distillation equipment for new contract productions.

Currently, in addition to our own distillates, we also produce the following products:

0,5l Flasche Salbei Likör, hergestellt in der THE DUKE Destillerie


A friendly couple from Peißenberg, not far from the Duke’s home, came to us in 2017 with the idea to create a sage liqueur and the demand for the highest quality and best possible regionality. It was obvious that we could not say no. Together, we worked passionately on the development of the liqueur that is based on their home made recipe. Finally we produced their ‘Salbeyer’ using only the best organic ingredients.

Salbeyer tastes great straight or mixed in a variety of cocktails. It has a fine, distinctive sage flavour, a powerful alcohol content (34% vol.) and is not too sweet.

Mitarbeiter der The Duke Destillerie und von Salbeyer
Bio Salbei für die Salbeyer Auftragsproduktion der The Duke Destillerie
0,7l Flasche GinGillard, hergestellt in der THE DUKE Destillerie


GinGillard is a citrusy gin-based spirit with an alcohol content of 23.9% vol. Our organic THE DUKE gin and other natural and organically grown ingredients are used in its production. The juicy lemon note captivates with a fruity and aromatic taste experience. Well chilled, GinGillard goes well with many occasions – whether dinner, bar, party or just to enjoy by its self. The spirit is produced and bottled at THE DUKE distillery.


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