THE DUKE Gin & 6er Ginger Beer Set

THE DUKE Gin & 6er Ginger Beer Set

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  • Juniper, hops, malt
  • Strong, spicy, fresh
  • Organic & vegan

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Made in Bavaria

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Munich Mule Set , consisting of THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin 45% vol (0.7 l) and 6 cans of THE DUKE Ginger Beer (0.2 l). A total of 13 herbs and spices from purely organic cultivation are responsible for the unmistakable taste of our THE DUKE Munich Dry Gin . In addition to untreated juniper berries, there are also coriander seeds, cubeb pepper, lemon peels, angelica root, ginger root, lavender flowers and orange blossoms. Our two classics, hop blossom and malt, round off our gin in a mild way and provide the Bavarian touch. In our THE DUKE Ginger Beer, the characterful ginger reigns supreme in the form of its finely pressed juice. Fruity lime and a hint of lemon provide the necessary freshness. The delicately spicy spiciness of our ginger bulb separates the wheat from the chaff, either you love it or it doesn't love you. As usual, all ingredients are of the best organic quality. The fact that the birth of our Munich Dry Gin 2008 coincides with the creation of the Munich Mule is a coincidence - or is it? Our ginger beer is therefore the perfect complement to a sparkling Original Munich Mule or LION's Moscow Mule.
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In the nose

The perfect balance between spicy, floral, fresh and juniper flavors.

On the palate

Complex with sweet floral nuances, a long-lasting, classic juniper note and a pleasantly mild finish.


Juniper, hops, malt, coriander, lemon peel, angelica root, ginger, lavender flowers, cubeb pepper, orange blossoms