COPPERAMA Art Cocktail

COPPERAMA Art Cocktail
17. März 2017 Timo Specht
Gin_Kupferama_THE DUKE Gin Kunstedition

By Moritz Bilina, THE DUKE Distillery

5 cl THE DUKE Gin
1 cl Amaretto
1 cl Lemon Juice
8 cl Tonic Water

Glass: Highball glass
Garnish with: Fresh Strawberries

Blend all ingredients into the highball glass on ice and stir briefly. Garnish with the fresh strawberries.

The limited Art Edition of THE DUKE unifies the Munich craftsmanship and local artists. The COPPERAMA Signature Cocktail, inspired by Linda Nübling’s Copper Edition, teases the palate through elegant lines, noble copper tones and the complementing aroma.

Here you can see the art at work:

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